Paris 1643

by | Aug 4, 2023 | 17th Century Maps

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The year 1643 was a crucial year in French history, which saw the transition of power to one of the most famous kings, Louis XIV. This had long-term implications for Paris. Here are the major events:

Death of Louis XIII: Louis XIII died on May 14, 1643. His reign saw significant expansion of absolute monarchy and centralization of power in Paris, which continued to be the political center of France.

Ascension of Louis XIV: Louis XIII’s four-year-old son ascended to the throne as Louis XIV upon his father’s death. However, as Louis XIV was too young to rule, his mother, Anne of Austria, served as regent, with Cardinal Mazarin acting as the chief minister.

The Franco-Spanish War: This ongoing conflict, part of the broader Thirty Years’ War, had significant impacts on France and Paris. In 1643, a key battle took place – the Battle of Rocroi. Although not directly in Paris, the decisive French victory had a significant impact on national morale and the strength of the monarchy.

The Beginning of Fronde: Although the revolt known as “the Fronde” would officially start a year later, in 1644, the political and social conditions in 1643 Paris were contributing to the unrest. The regency of Anne of Austria and the influence of Cardinal Mazarin were increasingly unpopular, the war led to high taxes, and the citizens of Paris were becoming politically restless.