Paris Circa 1422

by | Jun 5, 2024 | 15th Century Maps

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This map shows the growth of Paris from 1422 to 1589. Many epidemics of the bubonic plague and smallpox hit the city.

France is under the rule of House of Valois with the death of Charles VI. After the death of King Charles VI, King Henry VI of England (House of Lancaster), becomes regent of France after the Treaty of Troyes. His rule last from 1422 to 1453. At the same time Charles VII also claims the throne with the death of his father.

House Valois of France rules until 1589 when House Bourbon inherits the throne.

The year 1422 was an important one for Paris during the period known as the Hundred Years’ War, a long-standing conflict between England and France. Here are some notable events:

Change in Monarchy: The year 1422 saw the death of two kings. First, King Charles VI of France died on October 21, 1422, bringing an end to a reign marked by episodes of mental illness, hence his nickname, Charles the Mad. On his death, his son would have become king as Charles VII. However, Charles VI had earlier signed the Treaty of Troyes in 1420, which recognized Henry V of England and his heirs as his successors to avoid more conflict.

Ascension of Henry VI: When Henry V of England also died in 1422, the crown of England and the claim to the French crown passed to his infant son, Henry VI. As a result, the English regent, John, Duke of Bedford, brother of Henry V, governed in his place. Paris was then under English control, and it acknowledged Henry VI as king.

English Control of Paris: Paris remained under English control during this period. The Duke of Bedford ruled in the name of the infant King Henry VI. This period was marked by the English occupation’s hardships, including economic difficulties and the devastation of the surrounding countryside due to the ongoing war.

These events, specifically the transition of power, significantly affected the political landscape of Paris and the broader region. It wasn’t until 1436 that Paris was retaken by Charles VII, marking an essential step in ultimately ending the Hundred Years’ War.

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