Paris 1932

by | Jun 14, 2024 | 20th Century Maps

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1932 was an eventful year in Paris, marked by several significant events:

Presidential Election: In May 1932, Albert Lebrun was elected President of France after the resignation of his predecessor, Paul Doumer, who was assassinated. Lebrun’s presidency marked a period of political instability with frequent changes in government.

The International Colonial Exposition: Though it was mainly located in the suburbs of Paris (Vincennes), this exposition was a significant event for Paris as well. Running from May to November of 1931, it was extended to 1932 due to its popularity. This exposition showcased the diverse cultures and resources from France’s colonial empire and attracted millions of visitors.

The Great Depression: While not a single specific event, the impact of the Great Depression was felt worldwide by 1932 and France was no exception. The economic downturn led to a significant rise in unemployment and social unrest in Paris and throughout France.

Cultural Developments: Paris continued to be a major center for art, literature, and intellectual thought during this period. For instance, in 1932, Louis Aragon, a prominent surrealist poet and novelist, published “The Imagination of Love,” a collection of love poems that became very influential in French literature.